Mambo (American Rhythm)

Mambo (American Rhythm)

(Tempo 47-51 mpm)


1a. Mambo Basic
1b. Progressive Basic
2a. Forward and Backward Breaks
2b. Side Breaks
3. Cross Body Lead
4. Right Underarm Turn
5. Fifth Position Breaks
6. Cross Body Lead Right Side Pass
7. Cross Over Breaks and Switch Turn
8. Chase Turns
9. Right Underarm Turn to Advanced Hip Twist
10. Shadow Breaks to Lady’s Spiral


1. Turning Side Breaks
2. Mambo Wraps
3. Opening Out to Side Checks
4. Outside Check and Swivel
5. Catapult
6. Open Left Turn in Shadow
7. Foot Change from Open Facing to Right Shadow
7A. Foot Change from Right Shadow to Open Facing
8. Advance Sliding Doors
9. Back Drop
10. Kick and Swivel


1. Reverse Catapult
2. Salsa Wraps
3. Chase Turns to Sit Drops
4. Underarm Turn to Swivel Taps
5. Same Foot Ronde to Diagonal Breaks
6a. Solo Variation Side Points
6b. Solo Variation Progressive with Taps
6c. Solo Variation Knee Lifts
6d. Solo Variation Kick Swivel to Slide
6e. Solo Variation Full Chase Turn, Ronde to Twist

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