Syllabi-International Samba

International Samba

International Samba

(Tempo – 48-50 mpm)


1. Basic Movement
2. Whisks
3. Samba Walks
4. Rhythm Bounce
5. Volta Movements (Traveling & Spot)
6. Traveling Bota Fogos Forward
7. Criss Cross Bota Fogos (Shadow Bota Fogos)
8. Traveling Bota Fogos Back
9. Bota Fogos to Promenade and Counter Promenade
10. Criss Cross Voltas
11. Solo Spot Volta
12. Foot Changes
13. Shadow Traveling Volta
14. Reverse Turn
15. Corta Jaca
16. Closed Rocks


17. Open Rocks
18. Back Rocks
19. Plait
20. Rolling off the Arm
21. Argentine Crosses
22. Maypole
23. Shadow Circular Volta


24. Contra Bota Fogos
25. Roundabout
26. Natural Roll
27. Reverse Roll
28. Promenade and Counter Promenade Runs
29. Three Step Turn
30. Samba Locks
31. Cruzados Walks and Locks

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