Syllabi-International Rumba

International Rumba

International Rumba - Andre & Natalie Paramonov, 5-Time Canadian National Champions & US National Latin American Show Dance Champions

(Tempo – 27 mpm)


1. Basic Movements
2. Cucarachas
3. New York
4. Spot Turns Left and Right
5. Shoulder to Shoulder
6. Hand to Hand
7. Progressive Walks Forward & Backward
8. Side Steps
9. Cuban Rocks
10. Fan
11. Alemana
12. Hockey Stick
13. Natural Top
14. Opening Out Right and Left
15. Natural Opening Out Movement
16. Closed Hip Twist


17. Open Hip Twist
18. Reverse Top
19. Opening Out From Reverse Top
20. Aida
21. Spiral Turns: Spiral; Curl; Rope Spinning


22. Sliding Doors
23. Fencing
24. Three Threes
25. Three Alemanas
26. Hip Twists: Advanced; Continuous; Circular

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