Syllabi-East Coast Swing

East Coast Swing (American Rhythm)

East Coast Swing

(Tempo 34-36 mpm)


1. Swing Basic
2. Throwaway
3. Underarm Turns Right and Left
4. Sweetheart
5. American Spin
6. Four Kicks
7. Peek-a-Boo
8. Lindy Whip
9a. Lindy Whip with Right Underarm Turn
9b. Lindy Whip with Left Underarm Turn
9c. Lindy Whip with Hand Change Turn
10. Back Pass
11. Hitch Kicks


1. Sailor Shuffles
2. Chicken Walks
3. Crossover Back to Back
4. Catapult
5. Promenade Walks
6. Double Underarm Turn to Open Tuck-in
7. Toe Heel Swivels
8. Sweetheart with Double Underarm Turn
9. Passing Triples
10. Boogie Walks in Right Shadow


1. The Double Tunnel
2. Charleston Points in Right Shadow
3. Circular Tunnel
4. The Pinwheel
5. Apart Variation

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