Syllabi American Waltz

Waltz (American Smooth)

American Smooth Waltz

Bronze (tempo 30 to 32 mpm)

1. Left and Right Foot Closed Changes
2. Left Turn A, B, and C
3. Right Turn A, B, and C
4. Hesitations A and B
5. Cross Body Lead
6. Simple Twinkle
7. Twinkle with Promenade Chasse Ending
8. Twinkles Forward
9. Twinkles Back
10. Twist to Left from Promenade Position

Silver (tempo 28 to 30 mpm)

1. Open Simple Twinkle
2. Open Twinkle with Promenade Chasse
3. Open Twinkles Forward
4. Open Twinkles Back
5. Open Left Turn
6. Open Right Turn
7. Single Wrap
8. Shadow Left Turn
9. Single Wrap to Shadow Right Turns
10. Syncopated Right Underarm Turn

Gold Waltz (tempo 28 to 30 mpm)

1. Tornillo
2. Open Right Turn to Arabesque
3. Side by Side Combination
4. Fallaway Reverse to Tele Ronde
5. Same Foot Lunge to Throwaway Oversway
6. Element 1 – Open Left Turn
1. 1-3 Open Left Turn to Reverse Pivot to Contra Check to P. P.
2. 1-3 Open Left Turn to Lady’s Left Underarm Turn
3. 1-3 Open Left Turn, Chasse to P. P.
4. 1-3 Open Left Turn, RF Back Contra Check

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