Syllabi-American Rhythm

American Rhythm 

Syllabi as adopted from the Esther Don Series.

Click on the name of the dance below, to read the Syllabus.

Cha Cha Cha (American Rhythm)

(Tempo 30 mpm)


1. Cha Cha Basic 2. Forward and Back Basic 3. Cross Over Breaks and Switch Turn 4. Right Underarm Turn 5. Right Left Right Underarm Turns 6. Three Cha Chas Forward and Back 7. Cross Body Lead 8. Outside Breaks 9. Cross Over Side Steps, Back and Forward Runs 10. Left [...]

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Rumba (American Rhythm)

American Rhythm Syllabus

(Tempo 30-36 mpm)


1. Box 2. Right Underarm Turn 3. Side Breaks 4. Progressive Rocks 5. Fifth Position Breaks 6. Cross Body Lead 7. Cross Body Lead to Cuban Walks Back 8. Cross Body Lead to Outside Breaks 9. Open Break with Right Underarm Turn to Cross Over Breaks 10. Forward and Back Spot [...]

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East Coast Swing (American Rhythm)

(Tempo 34-36 mpm)


1. Swing Basic 2. Throwaway 3. Underarm Turns Right and Left 4. Sweetheart 5. American Spin 6. Four Kicks 7. Peek-a-Boo 8. Lindy Whip 9a. Lindy Whip with Right Underarm Turn 9b. Lindy Whip with Left Underarm Turn 9c. Lindy Whip with Hand Change Turn 10. Back Pass 11. Hitch Kicks


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Bolero (American Rhythm)

(Tempo 24-26 mpm)


1. Bolero Basic 2. Cross Body Lead 3. Open Break 4. Right Underarm Turn 5. Fifth Position Breaks 6. Outside Breaks 7. Cross Over Break and Switch Turn 8. Left Side Pass 9. Right Side Pass 10. Back Spot Turn


1. Passing Changes 2. Shadow Wraps 3. Left Side Pass [...]

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Mambo (American Rhythm)

(Tempo 47-51 mpm)


1a. Mambo Basic 1b. Progressive Basic 2a. Forward and Backward Breaks 2b. Side Breaks 3. Cross Body Lead 4. Right Underarm Turn 5. Fifth Position Breaks 6. Cross Body Lead Right Side Pass 7. Cross Over Breaks and Switch Turn 8. Chase Turns 9. Right Underarm Turn to Advanced Hip Twist [...]

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