NDTA Minutes-06/26/2022

NDTA MINUTES – 06/26/2022

Call to Order & Roll Call:

Present – Herb Vazquez, Lee Fox, Howard Marlow, Jean Claude Babiloni, Webert Benoit, Denise Gay Lazo, Esther Don, Jody Dancer via Zoom

Absent – Millie Ledoux

Appointment of New Director to Fill a Vacancy on the Board:

The Board acknowledged and accepted the resignation of Susan Silva from the Board, with appreciation for her service. Per Article VI, Section 1(B) of the NDTA Constitution, the Board unanimously appointed Denise Gay Lazo as a member of the Board to fill the vacancy so created, effective immediately on June 26, 2022.

The Board welcomed Denise Gay Lazo as a new member of the Board.

Reading of Minutes:

Minutes read – two corrections noted (misspelling of Denise’s name and wrong year of next meeting). Motion to accept by Howard Marlow, seconded by Esther Don, and passed.

Treasury Report:

Checking account balance of $843.69 plus PayPal balance of $515.99 for total of $1359.68

Membership Report:

Professional members – 25 (5 new – Denise Gay Lazo, Katie Marlow, Julie Wilson, Grigol Kranz, & Natalia Laubert)
Honorary members – 1
Affiliate members – 1

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Examinations: No reports

Social Media: New Facebook group - Originally had 158 likes on old group but now has 955 likes since Webert changed the name to Official NDTA. There was discussion about the other NDTA Facebook group. Esther Don suggested sending them a “Cease & Desist” letter regarding the use of our trademark and then applying for a trademark registration for the logo. She’ll send us a draft of such a letter, and we will discuss this further.

NDCA Delegates: A proxy vote was sent in to the NDCA for the July 9 meeting. Motion to accept by Denise Gay Lazo, seconded by Howard Marlow, and passed.

Old Business:

* Still need to update wording in Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution. We are still missing a level of membership. We need to change the “Supporter” membership to “Affiliate” membership in the by-laws.

* According to the Constitution, we need to amend the job description of Vice President to include “secure presenters for our seminars”.

* Regarding the question raised on our website membership application for professionals, our webmaster has confirmed that it does direct new professional members to the NDTA membership application form. The application form does provide professionals the ability easily to upload their resume or biographical information with their application. They must complete and submit the application form first, and then are directed to PayPal to pay their first year’s dues in advance.

New Business:

As Millie Ledoux is currently handling the Treasurer’s Duties and the Membership Chair, we have discussed with her giving the position of the Membership Chair to Webert Benoit. This will allow Webert the opportunity to work on the issues with the Professional Membership applications on the website. Webert Benoit was accordingly appointed Membership Chair.


Next meeting set for October 30, 2022

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