NDTA Meeting 02/13/2022


Call to Order:
The joint meeting of the Members and Board of National Dance Teachers of America, Inc. a Florida non-profit corporation (the “Association”) was called to order at 1:17 pm by Herb Vazquez.

Roll Call:
A quorum of Members was present with Howard Marlow and Susan Silva absent.

Minutes of previous meeting:
Herb Vazquez read the minutes of the previous meeting. Jody Dancer made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Millie Ledoux seconded and the motion


Treasury Report:
Treasurer, Millie Ledoux, reported the balance for the Wells Fargo account was $1868.09. Millie Ledoux made a motion to accept the report and Herb Vazquez seconded and it passed.

Membership Report: Professional members

Millie Ledoux reported 12 professional members, 1 supporter and 1 Honorary member.
That included 2 new members: Denise Gay Lazo and Katie Marlowe . Herb Vazquez made a motion to accept the report, Webert Benoit seconded and
it passed.

Examinations Committee: Lee Fox is training one student, Sonja, in American Rhythm. NDCA Delegates:

Herb Vazquez and Lee Fox attended the NDCA meeting in Dallas and briefed the Board of some new competition age restrictions and some syllabus changes accepted in Bronze and Silver.

Old Business:

A committee was never formed to correct wording in Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution. Section 1 defines 5 classifications: Professional, Full, Honorary, Supporter and Youth. We have changed classification Supporter to Amateur.

Also in Constitution, we need to add the Job description of Vice President is to secure presenters for our seminars.

Social Media Committee:

Herb Vazquez will ask Connie, our Webmaster, to create an application on our website directing new members to complete an application before directing them to Paypal.

Webert Benoit reported that another NDTA group using our initials is only a facebook group. If we gather more likes, we can overcome their presence. For $15 we can advertise in facebook. Webert also will change our Facebook name to Official NDTA Page.

Webert Benoit made motion to disburse funds for advertising, Herb Vazquez seconded and it passed.

New Business:

Herb Vazquez made a motion that Dance Vision’s step list be accepted by NDTA
and and that Lee Fox be certified to become a Dance Vision Examiner. Motion was seconded by Jean Claude Babiloni The Board unanimously agreed, and it passed.

Herb Vazquez read Susan Silva’s letter to the Board tendering her resignation as a Board Member. Herb Vazquez made a motion to accept the letter, Millie Ledoux seconded, and it passed.

Herb Vazquez Nominated Denise Gay Lazo and Katy Marlowe as new candidates for the Board of Directors, Jody Dancer seconded and it passed.

Meeting adjourned:
The next meeting is scheduled for June 26, 2022.
Lee Fox moved to adjourn the meeting at 2:54 pm, Herb Vazquez seconded, and it passed and the meeting was adjourned.

Jody Dancer, Secretary for Herbert Vazquez, President

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