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Natalia Laubert
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NAME: Natalia Laubert

ACCOUNT : √ Active

MOBILE PHONE :(904) 444-1702


Jacksonville, Florida


Professional Dancer, Coach, Choreographer, Championship Licensed Adjudicator (A+B+C+D+), National and World Class Adjudicator, WDC Adjudicator/Invigilator

Other Professional Certifications
WDC – World Class Adjudicator
WDC – Invigilator WDC
Dance Vision Examiner, Member of the USISTD/ISTD now AIDA, Member of the WDC and National Dance Council of America (NDCA) World Class Adjudicator

About Natalia Laubert

Biographical Information:
Professional dancer, Master of Sports of Russia in competitive ballroom dancing, Coach, Choreographer, Referee.

Natalia was born in Moscow, Russia where she began dancing at the age of 5. She became a Master of Sport in Russia, a Finalist of the German Professional Championship, and the Ukrainian Professional Championship.
Natalia is a Professional Dancer, Teacher, Coach, Choreographer, and World Class Adjudicator with the WDC and NDCA.

- prize-winner and finalist of Russian amateur championships;
- 3-times winner of international tournament Spartak Cup in Moscow;
- finalist of German professional championship;
- champion of international tournament La Classique du Quebec in the Rising Prospects professional category;
- vice-champion of Can-Am Championship Toronto, Canada;
- champion of the Ukraine among professionals;
- awarded the highest referee category and the title of the highest category coach from the Dance Sport Association of the Ukraine which is a member of IDSF and Olympic Committee of Ukraine.

– professional dancer since 2001;
- 1992 – start of coaching career;
- highest category coach of the Dance Sport Association of Ukraine since 2003;
- participant and director of the TV show Dancing with the Stars, Florida, USA;
- participated in preparation of dance duets of Russian figure skating team;
- works at dance schools of Jacksonville where leads various areas;
- specialization: training for dance instructors
in international ballroom, international latin , american smooth, american rhythm;
- coaching of professional dancers and Pro-Am couples;
-conducting ballroom dance technique, choreography, master classes;
- preparation of exhibition performances and shows;
- preparation for the Dance Teacher Examination, certifications,
medal tests;
- trains competitive dancers, is a mentor of many couples from different countries, a member of referee’s boards at tournaments.

She was trained in dancing art and craft by such venerable coaches and specialists as Alla Chebotareva and Gennady Gunko (Russia), Elena and Aleksandr Chekotkins (Russia), Irina and Stanislav Shklyar (the Ukraine), Leonid Pletnev (Russia), Ralf and Olga Muller (Germany), Dorothy Hinz (Germany), Tone Nyhagen (England), Brian Torner (Canada), Karl Breuer (Germany), Ralf Lepehne (Germany), Lorraine Woods-Gay (USA), soloists and ballet teachers of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia, in particular, Anna Plisetskaya (niece of the famous ballerina Maya Plisetskaya), famous ballet master and dancer Stefan Kunzke (Germany) – director of Tanz mit mir film.

Graduated from:
- Central Music School of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory;
- Secondary school in Moscow with in-depth learning of English; she also speaks German fluently.

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