To apply for Membership in the National Dance Teachers Association of America (NDTA), just click on the button that applies to you below. Please note that  our membership is open all year long and starts the day you join us! It will renew automatically unless canceled.


Professional Dance Teachers: Professional Dance Teachers are welcome to join the National Dance Teachers Association of America (NDTA) as Professional Members. Professional Membership is required to pursue Certification from NDTA. Professional Dance Teachers may submit documentation of any certification they hold from another NDCA recognized teacher’s organization, if any, as part of the process of applying for Professional Membership in NDTA.

To apply for Professional Membership, click on the “Professional Dance Teachers” button above, complete the online Professional Membership Application, take the entrance test, and pay your first year’s dues. Acceptance by the NDTA Board of Directors as a Professional Member requires satisfaction of the requirements for Professional Membership.


Amateur Dancers: Everyone interested in supporting the art of dance or promoting excellence in dance, whether a Dance Teacher or not, is welcome to join as an amateur member, simply by completing the Application and paying their first year’s Dues. 

Annual Dues in either category of Membership are $40.00 for an individual member or $60.00 for a couple (meaning two dance partners, a married couple, or a couple in a committed long-term relationship). We appreciate and need the dues support of all of our Pro Members and loyal Supporters.

Please note that anyone who applies for Professional Membership, but does not meet the requirements for Professional Membership will be deemed a Supporter Member/Amateur of NDTA during the period(s) for which dues were paid.

Benefit of memberships

Among the many benefits of Membership in the NDTA, are the following:

1- Examination & Official Certification. Professional Members can gain additional credentials through testing and certification by our National Dance Council recognized certified examiners. The National Dance Teachers Association of America (NDTA) is a member and approved Certifying Organization of the National Dance Council of America, the official governing council of dance and dancesport in the USA. We offer qualification examinations for Professional Certification in different levels and styles of dance, as well as traditional Medal Tests for your students.

For more information on the Certification process, see Certification.

2- Credentials. Members are welcome to make mention of their membership and certifications in any of their marketing materials which offers instant credibility for prospective clients.

3- FREE Online Directory Listing to Advertise Your Services & Credentials. Members are entitled to a FREE listing in our online Members Directory, available to Members on this site. The listing can include your picture, your contact information, your biography, your all-important certifications, and a link to your website (which can help drive traffic to your website and enhance your Google page ranking). FREE with membership in the NDTA!

4- Additional Advertising at Discounted Prices. Members have the additional option to place ads or listings on the Ads/ Listings page of this Website at discounted prices.

5- A Voice in the NDCA. Members can have a voice in the rules and regulations of the NDCA as the NDTA is a voting member and sends delegates to the biannual NDCA meetings.

6- NDTA Educational Materials Free or at a Discount. On the Members Only Resources page of this website, members have FREE access to videos from some of our NDTA Workshops and Seminars. In addition, in special cases, quantity purchase discounts may be arranged for bulk purchases by members of large quantities of certain educational dance syllabus materials and videos sold in our online Store. Check out our online Store on this website. If you propose to make a bulk purchase of a large quantity of educational materials found in our online Store, you may e-mail to find out if your proposed purchase may qualify for a special member “quantity purchase discount.”

7- Keep Up to Date on Issues Affecting Dance Industry Professionals. Members are kept abreast of the latest news, trends and legal issues that affect dance industry professionals. Check out our Resources and News & Events pages on this website.

8- FREE Semi-Annual Educational Dance Seminars. Professional and Supporter Members may attend semi-annual educational dance seminars at no charge. Members also have FREE access to videos from some of our NDTA Workshops and Seminars, posted for Members Only on this website.

9- Be compliant with your state. Let’s face it, it’s a matter of time before your state gets involved in our dance business. Yep, you heard that right. Just like any profession that requires one on one contact with clients, (barbers, massage therapists,…etc) ballroom dancing is about to be regulated by your state, and dance certification for each instructor will be required.

10- Grow your business. If you are a professional dance instructor, NDTA will promote your business and help you achieve success by referring you new potential students in your area. With hundreds of leads coming to our website, you will be the first to benefit from our referral system. Your success is very important to us.

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