How to find the right dance studio

9 Tips To Find The Right Dance Studio

Finding the right dance studio for yourself or your kids is an important step prior to signing up for dance lessons. Here are a few tips on how to find the right dance studio in your area.

1- Do an online search using You can start by typing something like “ballroom dance lessons”, “ballroom dance studio”, Jazz dance classes, ballet group classes….etc.

2-Be precise in your search because if you just type “dance lessons” then you will get too many non targeted results. So, follow the examples above by putting the exact type of dance you’re searching for.

3- Check their websites and also read their reviews, especially the positive ones. If negative reviews are about prices, parking, locations and have nothing to do with dancing, then proceed to move forward with them. Sometimes, the best dance studios are hidden, and /or have bad reviews from a few customers that didn’t get their way. Remember that customers are not always right. Some customers are insane.

4- Check up to 5 pages of google search because again, lots of great dance studios don’t have great presence on the web, so check their Facebook page, instagram and other social networks.

5- Pick at least three dance studios and call each and everyone of them. Ask them about their dance programs and their prices.  Some will try to sell you something right over the phone, but if you want to, start with something small like a group class, or an introductory package. They usually include private and group lessons, and sometimes can include a dance party as well (ballroom dance studios).

6- Make an appointment if you choose to start with private lessons, otherwise start with their group sessions. Make sure you start with a very small package (three dance lessons). Ballroom dance studios are famous at selling new customers big packages (30 lessons or more). For other types of dance studios like ballet, hiphop, …etc, it’s best to start with group lessons first.

7- On your first class, interact as much as possible with the other students and find out about the studio staff. If this is for your kids, then interact with the other parents. Make sure to enjoy your class and most importantly, make sure you can learn from the instructor.

8- If you don’t vibe with the instructor, don’t hesitate to ask the owner of the dance studio for a new instructor. Otherwise, look for another dance studio because it’s important to get a good vibe at the dance studio you’re involved with. Remember, your dance instructor is your dance mentor and trust is important. Repeat the same process above until you find a dance studio you really like.

9- Now that you have been taking lessons, your instructor needs to have a goal for you especially if you have been taking private dance lessons. The goals could be : dancing just for fun, dancing to get some exercise instead of going to the gym, dancing to lose weight, dancing to get ready for an event (wedding, anniversary party, cruise…etc). Basically, it always a good idea to have a goal and let your instructor help you achieve that goal.

10- As long as your instructor is helping you achieve your dancing goals while you're having fun, then you have found the right dance studio for yourself or your kids…. Congratulations!

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