Welcome to our Website!   The National Dance Teachers Association of America (NDTA) is a non-profit organization, established in 1976, for professional dance teachers, as well as amateurs, and those interested in supporting the promotion of excellence in dance. Our members include professional dance teachers, amateur dancers, and supporters of dance in the fields of ballroom, latin, smooth, rhythm, theater arts, as well as other types of partner or social dances. We are based in Florida, but our focus is national, and our members are located throughout the United States.

NDTA - Purpose & History

Our mission is to help our members by sharing information and resources, and to advance the art of ballroom dancing.

The purpose of the organization is to help professional dance teachers in the fields of ballroom, latin, country western, swing, theater arts and other similar types of partner or social dances prosper both artistically and financially.

Our goals are to share information and provide resources to our members, as well as to supervise examinations through which our members can become certified as having demonstrated the required proficiency level to serve as professional dance instructors in their fields. NDTA is a member and approved Certifying Organization of the National Dance Council of America, the official governing council of dance and dancesport in the USA.


In 1974, a group of dance instructors formed an association to strive to advance the Art of Ballroom Dancing, standardize the teaching material, expose the members to progressive methods of instruction, keep members informed of new trends in the social and competitive dance fields and add integrity to the profession. They called their organization Florida Dance Teachers Association (FDTA), Florida’s “ALL BALLROOM” Association. Five meetings were held yearly; each offering four seminars, one each from the Bronze and Silver NCDTO Syllabus, and two other suitable variations, competition material or “current trend” dances, music and training. Socials, buffets and potluck dinners added opportunities for good fellowship and lighthearted fun. Led by founder, Jim Forest, together with the assistance of Larry Dean, Jerry Jarzem, Howard Marlow, Terry Henes, Pat Patterson and Mae Patterson, the Florida Dance Teachers Association, Inc. incorporated in 1976 as a non-profit corporation for the encouragement, improvement and promotion of dancing; to institute, conduct, manage and provide a forum for dance teachers to exchange information and ideas, disseminate proper materials to enhance the integrity and capabilities of dance teachers, fix qualifications of membership and to protect and promote the mutual interest of its members. The FDTA joined the Council, then known as the National Council of Dance Teachers Organizations (NCDTO). In order to expand and attract members outside of Florida, in 1985 the organization name was changed to National Dance Teachers Association of America, Inc.

Organizational Purpose

Our goal is to continue to provide support, syllabus materials, and assistance to members to enhance their expertise. We offer qualification examinations for certification in different levels and styles as well as traditional Medal Tests. Our meetings provide seminar workshop presentations teaching techniques as well as variations and patterns in a variety of dance forms, both social and competitive. Our members have the tools to give their students quality lessons to provide them with a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence for a healthy, happy, physically fit future through dancing.

Professional Certification

With the explosion of dance, it is more important than ever to establish high teaching and ethical standards and to distinguish qualified teachers based on training, certification and experience. We provide certification in all styles of ballroom including: 

International Latin

International Standard

American Rhythm

American Smooth 

Upcoming Dance EVENTS


Our next event is scheduled for October 30th from 3p-5p. Two workshops by top local dance professionals. Free to all NDTA members! 

General admission: $25 for both, $15 for one.

Officers & Directors


Herb Vazquez, President
Lee Fox, Vice President
Jody Dancer, Secretary
              Millie Ledoux, Treasure,               Webert Benoit, Memberships

Executive Board:

Herb Vazquez
Lee Fox
Jody Dancer
Millie Ledoux

Full Board of Directors:

Herb Vazquez
Lee Fox
Jody Dancer
Millie Ledoux
Howard Marlow
Denise Gay Lazo
Jean-Claude Babiloni
Webert Benoit

Examinations Department:

Lee Fox – Chairman
Mandy Ball
Esther Don

Membership Department:

Webert Benoit

Social Director

Webert Benoit

Past President & Parliamentarian:

Lee Fox

Howard Marlow

Past Secretary:

Karen Donaldson


Jim Forest

National Dance Teachers Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(6) Nonprofit organization, formed in 1976. Our mission is to help promote the art of ballroom dancing. 

You may reach us at:

Phone: (954) 782-7760

Mail: Herb Vazquez, President, NDTA
2309 E Atlantic Blvd.
Pompano Beach, FL US, 33062

E-mail: Info@nationaldanceteachersofamerica.com

Or Contact us via the Contact page on this website.

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